Going To Borobudur.

As an Indonesian, its quite embarassing if I said I’d never been in Borobudur before especially since it was known as one of the many Wonders in the world (not sure how many for exactly..lol)  and it felt like almost every foreigners that came to Indonesia visited it atleast once.

I actually love travelling, I really do…however I have a problem which prevent me from travelling..and that was laziness….okay money too so that made it two.. :oops::oops: but seriously.. as I am getting older I am not sure why it getting harder for me to have a trip. It doesn’t matter if it was near or far, each time I felt ready to go, and the seconds before I would have to go, the mood would just disappeared and I would ended up having a nap mostly 😨😨😩 so yeah I had lots of travel plans and most of it were failed so I stopped making plans especially when it comes to going somewhere.

So last week, Mr.S and I were just relaxing at our home and enjoying our tea, out of no where an idea ( or should I say the image of Borobudur ) pop out in my mind 😶 I asked Mr.S if he would like to go there? I didn’t expect him to agree on it because it would be a very long hours drive but he was just like “let’s go”. So we packed our bags that evening for three days trip and left for Magelang the next early morning ( lesson learnt, it seems I really shouldn’t make any plan for a trip, should just go for it once there was an idea lol).

So anyway, we drove to Magelang, it was our first time to go to Central Java so yeah even with a GPS..we lost and spent about 2-3 unnecessary hours 😧😩😣😑 …(we were hopeless I know..).

Lomg story short we finally found the location and parked our Car.
Like I said..we’d never been there before so it was quite surprised us when bunch of souvenir sellers were approaching us and offering us the stuffs that they sold.

To be honest…it felt quite funny.. so many people came to us..suddenly I felt like a celebrity ;):oops::oops: lol, okay not really. I felt it was quite awkward because I dislike being the center of the atfention..so when there were lot of people trying to make us buying their souvenirs and tailed us everywhere it quite bothered me.

Those sellers finally left us maybe because sick of us 😳 lol and we head to the counter to get our ticket (card) .it turned out the ticket for local and foreigner are different..mine was only 30,000 or was it 50,000 idr? (Dang,my memory so rusty) but Mr.S costed 250,000 idr..😟:'(

Anyway, after we got the tickets we went to the entrance, and there was this woman who stopped me and asked which ticket that I used, so I told her I used the local one, but still she won’t let me in and asked me where I came from ..*mmh maybe she thought I was a korean..since I have a pretty face…* lol, kidding. Even if she would thought me as being a korean,it must be because of my square shaped face 😳 AKA the korean that havent have her plastic surgery yet ..teeheee 😛. So back to the woman, she still didnt believe me when I told her where I came from, so I had to show my ID card :s and finally she let us go.

That day was soooo tiring, but once we were inside we felt a different atmosphere..all the exhaustions were gone, I can’t believe that I never been there before. What made me waited so long to go there? I would love to go there again if were given chance again.

Here some of the pictures that I snapped, I am not a good photographer so yeah its not a question if the pictures looked so cheap.





And this is when we were on the top, the view was amazing 😍



I just wanna say that I am so grateful and proud to be an Indonesian..our country has so many beautiful things to offer and this Borobudur is one of them..unfortunately most of us didn’t realized it. Its not too late to start appreciate what we have here 😗😙 and I wish I could get rid of my laziness and have more time to travel more around Indonesia that would be really cool and of course yeah we pray for more money as well to support our trip XP.

Anyway,after exploring Borobudur, we wanted to see Prambanan as well but unfortunately we ran out of time :(, so after enjoyed our time there we continue our trip by driving to Yogyakarta !! ^^

Maybe I’ll post about my trip in Yogyakarta when I have the chance, one thing I could say about it was, the food was great, the people were amazing and I liked the Zoo!! Xp.

So see you next time ^^ and wait for more English post Xp.

P.S : for one more time, I know my english isn’t good , so please bear me with and correct me if you find any grammatical errors.

God bless!!


4 pemikiran pada “Going To Borobudur.

    • Iya..memalukan sekali aku karena dari dulu tidak pernah terpikirkan kesana karena banhak yang di khawatirkan..baik dari segi panjangnya perjalanan, waktu dll (kekuatiran yang tidak beralasan..ha ha) nyeseal kenapa ngak lebih cepat kesananya..rasanya tabjuk aja menyadari kalau itu banguan sudah di bangun dari berapa abad hang lalu…


  1. Sama aja spt org jakarta kalau ditanya sudah pernah ke monas atau taman mini belum? belummm hahaha parah kan. Menurutku pedagang asongan tuh menggangu banget deh, harusnya dibuatkan kios khusus buat jualan, toh banyak turis klo pengen beli oleh2 bisa ke tokonya.


    • Ha ha ha, iya sis..jujur pas di gerombolin gitu rasanya aneh.. merasa kayak orang pentimg kitanya… ha ha Xp. Malah ada loh penjual yang pakai bahasa kasar karena kita nggak beli.. maksa banget.. ujung ceritanya pas pulang beli deh patung pantung kecil borobudurnya eh malah makin banyak yang nawarinnya 😯


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